Message from the President

Our vision is for everybody to enjoy our tasty, high quality sweets, experiencing and building happy, lasting memories.

Message from the President

General Manager’s Message

AL-SEEDAWI means Pioneering in Sweets Manufacturing. WE are the Pioneer and remain outstanding on this track, because here in Al Seedawi we are committed to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.

We guarantee to manufacture according to the latest national & international standards. The Quality Management Systemimplementation, continuous development and improvement complying to the requirements of International Standards will be our tool. Our aim is to produce a first class and competitive sweet products worldwide. Reducing our product scraps, returns, losses in raw material, packing & packaging material and manpower is a beneficial factor for us to offer a competitive price to the market but still having an excellent quality. Al Seedawi’s passion and vision is demonstrated by our growth, the quality of our committed staff in enhancing their skills, abilities and especially to their attitude with regards to teamwork.

Al Seedawi Company is realizing a continued growth reflecting the demand for our products, its quality, resources and supply.
Let us seek to increase the productivity together for one goal.

Abdullah M.Al Beaijan
General Manager