AL-SEEDAWI Means Pioneering in Sweets Manufacturing. We are the Pioneers of Sweets Manufacturing and we have to keep the track


And so, our continual commitment to achieve our  customers satisfaction, is our way to pioneering.

And our commitment to manufacture in accordance with the latest national & international standards, is our way to produce a high quality level products.

And our commitment to implement and continually develop & Improve Quality Management System complying with the requirements of international standards, is our way to ensure the quality of our products.

And the reduction of products scrap &  return back also the losses in raw material, packing & packaging material  and working time, is our way to achieve the competitive price.

And the hiring of qualified work  force and the continue in  enhancing  their skills, abilities and also their attitude to work in a team and to be loyal to the company, is our way to achieve all the above.


Abdullah M.Al Beaijan
General Manager

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