Welcome To Alseedawi Sweets Factories Co. the leading Company  in the World of Sweets and Confectionery in the Gulf  Area And Middle East Since the Year 1961 through our dedicated and sincere work, keeping in mind the Quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers by providing a wide assortment of sweets products like : Toffe, Lollipops, Drops, Wafers, Halawa, Tahina Chocolates and more...
The current  headquarters of the company's in Shuwaikh includes management offices as well as the main factories represented in automatic production lines for all products and the main exhibition on an area of 1500 square meters with the latest equipment , There are also storage areas and warehouses to accommodate potential large storage of raw materials and final products.

The company is also developing and expanding its site in Sabhan, so that it accommodates all the lines of modern production to produce Tahina and storage of raw materials and final products and production requirements of packaging materials.

Also we have been developing the potential of our lab to meet the requirements of quality control, which is one of the mechanisms for quality management system applicable to the company.

Abdullah M S Albaijan
General Manager
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